Services that cover the entire life cycle of a business

At Clermont Meridian Trading, we recognize that building a successful business is challenging and requires a lot of dedication.

This can often come at the expense of having time to think about your financial objectives or how to secure the business you have worked so hard to build.


Our business accounting services include:

  • Business Planning
  • Auditing
  • Restructuring
  • Tax Planning
  • Strategic Market Initiatives
  • Trusts

As a business owner, you must manage your finances, which may become more complicated due to a lack of time.

We have experience dealing with small businesses and large organizations, helping you focus on running your business.

Hundreds of business owners have regained control of their finances thanks to our support. Our financial advisors will work directly with you to plan for your future financial security.

We offer a range of business accounting services to help your company, develop, or mature, whether you are considering starting a business, have recently started a business, or are a well-established business owner.

If your company is experiencing cash flow problems, we can help you create a cash flow plan and budget. We can assist you in preparing a business plan or assist with a business reorganization if your company requires additional structure and advice.


As a business owner, you handle several responsibilities, such as dealing with unexpected challenges and time-consuming business procedures while concentrating on your assets' current and long-term growth.

When business owners are weighed down by the day-to-day responsibility of developing the business, in addition to their need to hire, pay, and manage staff, a lack of resources within the company can create an overwhelming void.

Our diverse experience and industry expertise can help business owners by offering the services of a fully-staffed support office while limiting expenses and reducing downtime.

Our business administration services include:

  • Invoicing
  • Scheduling
  • Diary
  • Email
  • Database
  • Information Sourcing
    & Research
  • Document Filing &
    Digital Asset Management

IPO Advisory

Going public is a significant step forwards in a company's development, as it can enhance visibility and extend the business and its marketing prospects.

The ultimate success of the offering - and the company's entry into the marketplace - is determined by how well a company handles the vast range of IPO difficulties.

Our IPO services team can help you with this process. Our team was formed to assist pre-IPO companies in overcoming such obstacles, staying ahead of the curve, and keeping their operations on track.

Our professionals help clients with all facets of the IPO process, including:

  • International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Preparing Accounting Memos
  • IPO Preparations
  • CFO Services
  • Projections & Forecasts
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Finance Function Review

M&A Advisory

At Clermont Meridian Trading, we offer the knowledge and experience to help you navigate the highly volatile business environment of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). We can support you in navigating the process's complexities.

Our experts can help with a variety of merger and acquisition transactions, including:

  • Conducting a business valuation
  • Carrying out due diligence
  • Organizing the process
  • Examining challenges
  • Aiding clients with tax structuring
  • Taking care of financial issues
  • Risk management
  • Post-transaction support

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